General Terms and Conditions of Business for Fixed-Term Contracts of Autocamp Strunjan

  1. The General Terms and Conditions of Business "Avtokamp Strunjan" for fixed-term contracts are an integral part of the concluded Fixed-Term Contracts for the use of camping space in "Avtokamp Strunjan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Fixed-Term Contract") and apply from January 1st.
  2. By entering into the Fixed-Term Contract, the customer or User of the Space, on which a holiday trailer is placed, confirms that they have read these general terms and conditions of business, fully understand them, and fully accept them.
  3. The terms defined in the Fixed-Term Contract have the same meaning as the terms in these general terms and conditions of business.
  4. Campsite address and contact information: Autokamp Strunjan, Strunjan 23, SI-6320 Portorož; telephone 05 678 20 76; email address:
  5. By entering into the Fixed-Term Contract and paying the annual fee, the User acquires the right to use the space in the campsite for the agreed period, for a maximum of five (5) persons. With an additional fee (according to the current price list), it is possible to enter into a contract for a larger number of persons.
  6. Payment details for the annual fee to the Provider's bank account:
    • Account holder: Avto-moto društvo "Pinko Tomažič" Piran, Strunjan 23, 6320 Portorož
    • Bank name: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Branch Lucija, Obala 114a, Portorož
    • Account number: SI56 1010 0003 4592 620
    • BIC (Swift): BAKOSI2X
    • Purpose code: OTHR
    • Reference when making the payment: 00 trailer number
  7. The user is obliged to provide the Provider with a list of five (5) individuals who will be staying in the holiday trailer at a flat rate until the date mentioned on the Year-round Flat Rate List. Children up to the age of seven (7) are not counted towards the limit of five people. The list of eligible individuals can be submitted by the User in person at the camp reception, by email, or by regular mail.
    The Provider guarantees the highest level of protection for the acquired personal data and undertakes to carefully store and handle all received personal data. The Provider undertakes to use such acquired personal data solely for the purpose authorized by the legislator and will not disclose them to any third party without the prior written consent of the individuals to whom the data relates, except in cases where it is obliged to do so under applicable law.
  8. All services not expressly stated in these general conditions (e.g., use of washing and drying machine, accommodation of third parties, parking) are charged at the prices listed in the price list for each service, which is posted at the camp reception.
  9. All prices are quoted in euros. The euro is the only means of payment within the camp area.
    In addition to cash, the Provider also accepts credit and debit cards. No other means of payment (e.g., checks, bitcoins) are accepted. All published prices include VAT and any other applicable taxes.
    If there is a change in legislation concerning mandatory levies (e.g., VAT, environmental taxes affecting the price of a particular service), the Provider reserves the right to adjust the prices and inform Users about it at a visible location.
  10. The User is allowed to install only movable equipment on the Site, which can be assembled and disassembled, or a wooden veranda at their own risk.
    Without the permission of the Provider, the User must not install devices on the Site that do not belong to camping equipment.
    On the Site, the User is not allowed to make any changes to the terrain, plant vegetation, or lay down paving without the permission of the Provider. The same applies to any other part of the campsite.
  11. In accordance with legal provisions, the Provider is obliged to keep a registration-departure record of the presence of individuals staying in each holiday trailer.
    Upon arrival, the User is obliged to ensure that all individuals who will be staying on the Site register at the reception in accordance with the prescribed procedure, as explained in the House Rules, which are publicly available at the camp reception, and check out upon leaving the camp, and to inform them that they are required to settle the bill for their stay at the applicable prices. If these individuals do not settle the bill for their stay, the User will cover it, and the User expressly agrees to this.
  12. The User undertakes to provide the Provider with access to the Site for the purpose of monitoring the registered and actual presence of individuals on the Site. In the event of a discrepancy between the registration and the actual situation at the time of inspection, the Provider may immediately charge the User for the stay of unregistered individuals according to the then-applicable price list, including the costs arising from the violation.
    The Provider reserves the right to occasionally and at any time enter the User's Site to verify the compliance of the actual presence of individuals, undertaking to respect the dignity and privacy of the individuals present at the Site at that time.
  13. The Provider (Avtokamp Strunjan) does not assume responsibility for the condition of the inventory in the holiday unit in the camp.
  14. If the User brings a domestic animal to the Site, they are obliged to report it upon arrival and ensure that it does not disturb the surroundings. Dog owners must keep their dogs on a leash, with a muzzle, and have them tied at their own site. Owners are responsible for appropriate hygiene measures and must clean up after their pets. The Provider reserves the right to refuse the stay of animals in the camp.
  15. The Provider has the right to unilaterally terminate the Year-round Flat Rate Agreement at any time if the User (individuals listed in point 9 of the general conditions or other persons staying at their Site) repeatedly violates the provisions of the House Rules of Avtokamp Strunjan or the provisions of the Year-round Flat Rate Agreement or general camp rules, despite multiple warnings. In such a case, the Provider does not refund the flat rate and is entitled to compensation for any damage caused by the violation of these provisions.
  16. Throughout the period when the holiday trailer is located at the agreed Site in the camp, for which the Year-round Flat Rate Agreement has been concluded, the provisions of the Year-round Flat Rate Agreement, general terms and conditions, and the House Rules apply.
  17. The User, individuals listed in point 7 of the general conditions, and other persons present at their Site are required to comply with all provisions of the camp's House Rules, which are available at the camp reception, and all signs publicly displayed in the camp area, during their stay or presence throughout the camp area.

Camp Management

Strunjan, January 1, 2018