House rules of Autocamp Strunjan

Dear Guests, we are glad that you have chosen our camp for your vacation. We wish you a lot of enjoyment and a pleasant stay. We are confident that you will respect the rules of Avtokamp Strunjan for your own interest and the interest of all guests.

  1. Avtokamp Strunjan is open from January 1st to December 31st.
  2. The reception is open during the season from 08:00 to 22:00.
  3. Upon arrival at the camp, you must check-in at the reception and hand over your personal identification card or passport. You can collect these documents as soon as all obligations to the campsite have been settled.
  4. The assigned number must be visibly displayed on the tent or trailer.
  5. The campsite management determines the camping area.
  6. There must be complete silence in the campsite from 23:00 to 06:00.
  7. The bill must be settled upon departure or every 10 days of stay. Visitors must be registered at the reception, and the visiting time is 2 hours. Staying longer than 2 hours is considered an additional day of visit to the campsite. If a guest is unregistered in the camp, they will be charged 10 times the nightly rate according to the valid price list.
  8. Check-outs and payments are accepted until 13:00. Staying in the campsite after this time will be considered an additional day of camping.
  9. You can deposit all valuables at the reception.
  10. We cannot guarantee money, securities, and valuable items kept in tents, trailers, and cars.
  11. Please hand over any found items to the reception.
  12. We kindly ask you to consider the following:
    • Take care of order and cleanliness!
    • Do not disturb neighbors and the general peace in the camp with radios and musical instruments!
    • Parents are requested to accompany their children in the sanitary facilities for greater cleanliness and order!

      Avtokamp Strunjan reserves the right to remove guests and users from the campsite without prior notice if they disturb the peace and order in the camp or in any way violate the rights of other campsite guests, who waive any claims for interference with possession. Individuals in need of foreign assistance and escort can stay in the campsite only in the presence of appropriate companions.

  13. In the campsite, the following activities are prohibited:
    • Using untested gas and electrical appliances and open fires;
    • Driving faster than 5 km/h within the campsite;
    • Having unleashed dogs;
    • Bathing dogs in sinks;
    • Washing cars in the campsite;
    • Bringing explosives and flammable objects;
    • Digging trenches around tents and trailers, except in exceptional circumstances;
    • Building, digging trenches, fencing areas with wires or flammable materials, cutting or breaking trees, creating private water, sewage, or electrical installations, or otherwise interfering with the arrangement of the campsite;
    • Discarding trash where there are no bins;
    • Breaking or damaging campsite inventory;
    • Planting perennials near living units.

We reserve the right to cancel the use of accommodation services for guests who do not respect the house rules and general conditions, as well as guests who disrupt the peace and disturb other campsite guests.
Works in the campsite, trailer repairs, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from April 20th to October 1st.

We wish you a pleasant stay. We look forward to your return visit as well as the visit of your friends and acquaintances.

Campsite Management


Strunjan, January 1st, 2018