Requirements for obtaining a driver's license and necessary documents

Which documents are required for enrolling in the traffic code course?
A valid personal identification document. Additionally, it is recommended to bring a medical certificate and a certificate of successful completion of a first aid course.

What steps are required before starting driving?
Before you can drive with a driving instructor, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Obtain a valid medical certificate.
  • Pass the first aid exam.
  • Complete the traffic code course.
  • Pass the theoretical knowledge test of the traffic code at the examination center.

Driving with a Supervisor

What is driving with a supervisor?
Driving with a supervisor is intended for training for a driver's license and does not replace regular and mandatory practical training hours at a driving school. However, it can be a very effective complement to the practical training hours at a driving school. With an experienced supervisor in the passenger seat, a beginner driver can gradually acquire knowledge, learn driving maturity, gain experience, and develop driving habits. It is crucial that the supervisor is a responsible individual whose goal is to teach their learner safe driving and proper behavior in traffic.

Who can drive with a supervisor?
Candidates who are older than 16 years and meet the following conditions can drive with a supervisor:

  • They have completed the theoretical part of the driver training for category B motor vehicles at a driving school.
  • They have passed the theoretical part of the driving exam.
  • They have completed the practical part of the driver training at a driving school.

Additional conditions are that their driver's license is not revoked, they are not subject to a ban on driving a specific type or category of motor vehicle, they are not subject to a safety measure of license suspension, their driver's license is not expired, and they have no penalty points in the traffic offense record (if they already hold a driver's license for other vehicle categories).
Those who meet all the listed conditions can drive a private car with a supervisor until they obtain a driver's license for category B motor vehicles, but for a maximum of two years from the entry of the supervisor into the driver's license records and driving record card.

Who can be a supervisor?
A supervisor can be one of the parents, legal guardians, foster parents, or another person who is at least 27 years old and holds a valid driver's license for category B motor vehicles for at least five years. They should not have more than five penalty points in the joint record of traffic offenses and must have a residence in the Republic of Slovenia. The supervisor must be entered in the driving record card. The registration is done by the administrative unit upon the application of the candidate for a driver's license, once it is determined that the conditions are met.

The application for the registration of a supervisor is submitted to any administrative unit. The administrative unit also registers the supervisor in the driver's license records and the driving record card once the conditions are met.

The administrative fee for the application and registration of the supervisor in the driving record card must be paid at the administrative unit upon submitting the application.

Can I have multiple supervisors?
Yes. Only individuals who are registered in the driving record card can act as supervisors (up to a maximum of 6 different individuals).

Can I obtain a driver's license at the age of 16?
It is not possible to obtain a driver's license at the age of 16. However, a person who has reached the age of 16 can drive a private vehicle with a supervisor if all the other conditions mentioned earlier are met.

What is the time limit for driving with a supervisor?
If a driver is driving with a supervisor, they can do so for a maximum of two years from the date of the supervisor's entry into the driving record. After two years, or earlier, the driver must complete the practical part of the exam or the driving test.

Road Traffic Regulation (CPP) Course and Exam

How does the CPP course work?
The AMD Pinko Tomažič Piran offers a course for obtaining the CPP (Road Traffic Regulations and Safety) certificate. The course consists of a basic part that lasts for 16 hours.

Can I take the CPP exam before the first aid exam and medical examination?
In order to take the Road Traffic Regulation (CPP) exam, you must first complete the Road Traffic Regulations (CPP) course, obtain a medical certificate, and pass the first aid exam. The order of these activities is not important, but it is essential to submit them together with your application for the theory knowledge test.

How is the theoretical knowledge tested for a driver's license exam?
To take the theoretical part of the driver's license exam, the candidate registers at the Administrative Unit, where they receive a username and password. They then answer 40 multiple-choice questions on road traffic regulations and safety (CPP) using a computer. Sometimes there may be multiple correct answers. The results of the CPP tests are publicly available for individual examination centers.

Foreign drivers

How can I exchange my foreign driving license for a Slovenian one?
If you want to exchange your foreign driving license for a Slovenian driving license, it is recommended that you inquire about this at your local administrative unit. The process of obtaining a Slovenian driving license depends on the country you come from, so different procedures and documents may be required. The administrative units are responsible for issuing Slovenian driving licenses.

Do all foreigners need to take a driving test in Slovenia?
Foreigners from EU countries generally do not need to take a driving test in Slovenia as they can use their foreign driving license. However, if they wish to obtain a Slovenian driving license, they can contact their local administrative unit for more information.

How many driving hours do foreigners need to complete before the practical driving test?
The criteria for obtaining a driving license vary between countries, making it difficult to determine the exact number of required driving hours for foreigners. The prior driving experience can vary significantly. The law does not specify a minimum number of driving hours for foreigners seeking a Slovenian driving license.

When do I, as a foreigner who has been living in Slovenia for some time, need to obtain a Slovenian driving license and stop using my foreign one?
As a foreigner, you can drive in the Republic of Slovenia for one year from the day you register your residence in Slovenia, using a valid driving license issued by the competent authority in your home country, provided there is reciprocity. After this one-year period, you are required to obtain a Slovenian driving license.

Novice drivers or Beginner drivers

Is safe driving training mandatory?

When can I participate in additional training for novice drivers or safe driving?
Novice drivers can participate in safe driving training after 6 months of obtaining their driver's license.

How long does safe driving training last?
Safe driving training typically lasts for one working day, which is around 8 to 9 hours.